This is the official API for the Ontology Curation Tool. It allows you to programmatically retrieve and interact with Ontology data.

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API Data Types

Data can be requested in JSON.
API calls follow the CRUD semantics: create, retrieve, update and delete.


Search Terms

Retrieve all Ontologies

Retrieve a specific Ontology

Retrieve Ontology ID by its Name

Retrieve Categories

Retrieve Ontologies By Category

Retrieve Terms in RDF

Retrieve Root Terms of an Ontology

Retrieve Child Terms of parent Term

Retrieve Parents of Term

Retrieve Properties/Attributes of a Term

Retrieve Comments of a Term

Login - Retrieve a user's auth token (used for adding and editing ontologies)

Retrieve Logged-in User information

Create Ontology

Delete Ontology

Retrieve IB Fieldbook Default List

Retrieve Term Information

Retrieve all Comments from an Ontology